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The Shiba Inu comes from Japan where it has lived for centuries. In Japan the Shiba is used for hunting. Their ability to maneuver through steep hills and mountain slopes, together with their keen senses, have repeatedly shown the Shiba to be a superb hunting dog. This inherited trait is still strong in the breed today. Because of this, and the inquisitive nature of the Shiba, they are very seldom trustworthy off lead. A rabbit or squirrel might present to much of a temptation for the average Shiba to stay in his yard. So, if letting your dog run free is a top priority for you, you may want to pass on acquiring a Shiba.

Standing between 13 ½” and 16 ½” inches tall and weighing between 16-25 pounds at maturity, the Shiba is compact and muscular. They come in three main colors; red, red sesame and black and tan. They have a short, thick double-coat, which will shed twice a year.

Shibas are openly affectionate, but tend not to like lots of cuddling, preferring a few hugs and kisses instead. They are definitely not a pesky, clingy type of pet.

Toys are a great love to this breed, especially soft, stuffed ones that squeak. They will carry them around, often showing off their latest prize. They can entertain themselves for hours with just one toy. Fetching is easily taught, as are cute pet tricks.

Shibas are very seldom a noisy dog and incessant yapping is hardly ever a problem. They are a very clean breed, making housebreaking easy. They don’t require a lot of pampering and grooming, instead, a weekly brushing will keep him looking his best. A warm bath and a good comb out during the shedding periods will help keep the hair under control.

Shibas may become dog aggressive if not properly trained and socialized. Puppy socialization classes are highly recommended to all new Shiba owners to assure a well, adjusted adult.

In general, the Shiba is a healthy breed, but hip dysphasia , patellar luxation and eye problems have been documented. Be sure that the parents of the puppy you are thinking of buying have been checked for these defects.

The Shiba is a strikingly beautiful intelligent companion that will bring years of fun and pride to, its human family. Your new Shiba puppy will be a 12-14 year commitment. A puppy will have the best start provided for it by a dedicated breeder who has provided it with the proper health checks, immunizations and socialization.


the Shiba Inu Standard